Braided bracelet "Lips"
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Braided bracelet "Lips"

Marca: UMI Symbols
Codice prodotto: 419555300607

Braided bracelet “Lips” - a small accessory that complements the image of a young girl. Air kiss is a symbol of romance and sympathy. Touching and gentle, it is a manifestation of your feelings and mood.

The main element of the "Lips" is made of 925 sterling silver, plated with rhodium for added protection and decorated with bright polymer enamel. A safe lock will prevent injury, and the screw thread tightly fixes the earlobe and protects the earring from loss.

  • Model number 4195553006070400
  • Metal Silver
  • Content 925
  • Weight 0.78 g.
  • Size 130-240
  • Insert Enamel
  • Color
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